Amazon is preparing to print a huge holiday toy catalog to close the Toys R Us gap

Amazon is preparing to print a huge holiday toy catalog to close the Toys R Us gapWith Toys R Us no more in the US, there’s a huge gap in the retail toy market. A gap that none other than Amazon is trying to fill with a new project.

The famous retailer is taking a page from Toys R Us. It’s planning to print a holiday toy guide, Bloomberg reports.

This is something that Toys R Us used to do a lot. Now, Amazon is planning to give it a try and it has big plans. At least that’s what Bloomberg sources are saying. Amazon, as always, is declining official comment.

The company is planning to print out millions copies of the catalog. It will mail out most of them directly to households in the US. It’s also planning to give them out at Whole Foods Market locations which Amazon now owns.

The move continues Amazon’s plans to use more of the traditional retailers’ tools into its own business model. Considering that Amazon is/was one of the main competitors for Toys R Us and sells more toys than the chain, it seems like a no-brainer move.

Until now Amazon has only had an online toy catalog for the holidays. Now this is changing and it seems we are about to see the next chapter in the evolving Amazon. The toy catalogue should be ready within the next few weeks. It should start making its way to customers before or around the end of October.