Amazon is interested in some of Toys R Us vacant stores

Amazon is interested in some of Toys R Us vacant stores
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

Amazon is often viewed as one of the big winners of the closure of Toys R Us. And also one of the reasons as it’s big competition for toy sales. Now it seems that Amazon is also interested in some of the stores which Toys R Us will vacant.

According to ToyBuzz Amazon is interested in expanding its physical stores in the US. Last year the famous online retailer opened its first actual supermarket.

It’s an interesting store as it doesn’t have any cashiers. Instead, clients have mobile apps and special cameras and sensors “know” what you take and tax your profile.

Amazon also bought Whole Foods last year. So, the company is quite busy on making its presence in the real world stores.

Reportedly, now the company is interesting in some of the vacant or about-to-be-vacant Toys R Us stores. It doesn’t mean that all of the stores which it may buy, are going to remain stores.

Amazon has and needs a lot of additional facilities. So, the company may turn them into something else for its business. Some of the stores may remain stores, but they will feature other stock, not only toys.

Of course, nothing may also happen. Amazon has had interest in other closed stores before. The company often decides against such purchases. So, if it decides to buy some stores from the defunct Toys R Us, that will be something new for Amazon.