All kinds of fidget toys are hitting the stores

All kinds of fidget toys are hitting the storesOne of the big question about the fidget spinners craze was “what’s next?” The answer is here and it’s simple: “everything possible with fidgets”.

Toy makers seem to realize that the fidget spinners can only keep the attention of everyone so much. So they are working hard on new iterations of fidgets.

For example, people loved the Fidget Cubes, too. They are another spin of the fidgets and will hit the stores this summer.

“It’s been really great for us because I think without the fidget toys we would have had quite a poor start to May because we have sold precious little else. With the Fidget Spinners, we have been begging, borrowing and stealing off of other shops locally, splitting orders and sharing information on which wholesalers have got the toys and getting them that way,” says Dave Carter owner of the Arcade Toy Shop, to ToyNews.

Other toy makers and retailers are also quite happy with the fidget craze. They bring not only profits, but a new approach to toys and a lot of new possibilities.

“It’s cool that this toy started off as a meditative relaxing toys to help children with autism or people who fidget. Here’s hoping for more manual toys to experience and make our senses come alive”, Alicia Peyrano, CEO and founder of Little Citizens Boutique says.

Some stores even say currently they only sell fidgets, because that’s all people ask for. That’s sure bound to change when the movie toys hit the stores in the coming weeks. But still, imagine a Cars 3 themed fidget… Now there’s a whole new market within a market.

Where do stuffed animals come in all of this? Well, they are also manual toys, and if fidgets bring in more interest to manual toys, then both action figures and stuffed animals will benefit a lot.