All Elite Wrestling will have stuffed animals merchandise

All Elite Wrestling will have stuffed animals merchandiseWrestling fans already know there’s a new kid in town – All Elite Wrestling. And AEW is already going full force with it’s merchandise plans.

AEW recently has filed for a new trademark. The company wants to trademark the term “Change the universe” to use it for Goods and Services, Heel By Nature reports.

The trademark application is quite detailed. In it you can see that AEW wants to be able to use it for pretty much everything. It makes sense since this slogan will probably be the motto of the company.

Then we come under the section of Toy action figures and accessories. AEW wants to use the slogan for pretty much all type of toys. From action figures, to vehicles, dolls, puppets, even Christmas tree decorations.

Among the toys we also see “stuffed toy animals”. Would this mean that Faro will get his own special plush? Probably. And we could also see plush versions of the wrestlers of AEW. There’s going to be even doll furniture, even tin toys, gum dispensers. Of course, the obligatory foam hands are also on the list.

For now, trademark applications are the main way people find out about the plans of AEW. The company keeps most details under wraps. Until now, the Elite members have always been on point with their merchandise, though. So, we don’t doubt this will translate well over to AEW, too.