All Elite Wrestling also prepares a lot of new toys

All Elite Wrestling also prepares a lot of new toysWrestling merchandise is as popular as ever. Especially with the new kid on the block in the face of All Elite Wrestling. And the company is not waiting around.

According to the wrestling website “Heel by Nature” All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has recently filed for a new trademark. The trademark is “Join The Revolution”.

AEW filed the trademark for use in nine classes of merchandise. Among them are video games, apparel, action figures, stuffed animals and others. It also wants to use it for streaming and broadcast television.

Basically AEW wants to use the term for all kinds of merchandise and toys. That’s no surprise, as there have been plenty of rumors for big plans in this area. Rumors suggest AEW is planning its own video game and on their own, some of its top wrestlers have already sold plenty of various toys and plushies.

Combine that with AEW’s brand and you have a natural fit. Plus, there are plenty of characters in AEW that can draw a lot of attention to plushies. Like the Jurassic Express tag team for example.

For now AEW is keeping its cards close to its chest. The company isn’t revealing anything more than it has to. This keeps things interesting and 2020 is definitely going to be quite a dynamic year.