Aldi brings back its giant plush sloth

Aldi brings back its giant plush slothLast year UK’s Aldi stores were selling a giant plush sloth. It sold out so quickly, that many people couldn’t get one. Now it’s coming back!

The plush sloth is 100cm tall and it comes back to Aldi on October 31st. But you better be quick. Very quick.

As was last year, the plush sloth is on the Special Buy section which means there’s no restocking. And it will sell for £12.99 a pop.

You can also pre-order it via the Aldi website. This way you would also have to pay £2.95 delivery for orders under £20. Or you could go to a local Aldi store and check out if there’s stock.

If you do miss it out, don’t worry. Other stores have seen the huge interest for the plush sloth and have found similar items. They are a bit more expensive at around £20-£25, but are a nice alternative if you do want a giant plush sloth.

Why such a massive interest for huge stuffed animals? Well, they are big, cute and cuddly. Mostly though, they are simply trendy for now and shoppers want the latest and greatest.