After fidget spinners, now fidget rings are trying to return the hype

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After fidget spinners, now fidget rings are trying to return the hypeFidget spinners were a few month trend and then they cooled down. Now, there is a new kid on the block. It’s called a fidget ring.

Michael Schumacher, a UC Boulder student and independent toy designer, is the creator of the new fidget ring, ToyNews reports. His creation is still a concept, but one that is already underway to become a reality.

Michael has started a company called Laughable Toys which will create the fidget ring. He calls the new toy The Oqus.

The Oqus is a fidget ring with 12 different inserts and six rollers. Players can customize it to their preferences and achieve different functionalities.

“I started Laughable Toys, Oqus’ parent company, with the goal of sharing Oqus with the world. Over the last 14 months I have brought Oqus from a concept to a trademarked, patent-pending product, and now I’m raising funds for manufacturing on Kickstarter,” said Michael. “I got off to a great start but really need help to bring the idea to market.”

“We’re all about giving our community members a voice in what we release next, which will always keep Oqus interesting and evolving. It’ll never get old,” Schumacher added. He thinks that the toy gives enough options and configuration that users can create unique concepts which they can share with others. They could of course try others’ ideas as well.