Adults help Chinese toy market grow even more

Adults help Chinese toy market grow even more

Toys aren’t just for kids. A lot of adults also enjoy them. And that is no longer considered strange by other adults, so the toy market uses it to grow.

This is exactly what happens in China, SCMP reports. There’s now a big community of adult toy collectors in the country who help the Chinese toy market to move from growing to booming.

There are different reasons why. Some collectors simply couldn’t afford or get the toys they wanted then whey were kids. Now they can an they take advantage of that.

Others just like toys and don’t think that becoming an adult should mean an end to that. For some it’s also a hobby that brings them happy memories. Each toy they have has a story behind it. Be it a trip to a cool place, or a gift from a loved one.

There are plenty of reasons, but the results are the same. Happy collectors who realize that not everyone might “get” their hobby. Still, the market certainly does. It has grown about 80% from 2013 to 2018 in China alone. Most of that jump is due to the adult collectors.

Some even turn this into a business themselves. They start making toys or get into the toy business in some form. For others, it’s simply a hobby that takes them away from their daily routines. What’s common is that all toy collectors are generally quite happy overall.