Adults buy more toys for themselves and fuel the market

Adults buy more toys for themselves and fuel the marketToys are not just for kids. Actually, more and more adults buy toys for themselves. That’s what the latest market data from the NPD Group shows.

The stats show that one in every 11 toys sold in Britain in 2016 was bought by an adult for themselves. This created a new segment in the market which experts call “kidult”, ToyNews reports.

And this kidult market actually grows three times faster than the entire toy market. This means that for the most part it fuels the entire toy market’s growth.

The segment grew by 12% for 2016. And it nets a healthy jump of 65% since 2012.

So, what toys do the adults like the most? Board games, puzzles, building sets and action figures. Also vehicles. Millenials account for 50% of that spending. They spend the most money on toys. Generation X-ers account for a third of the spending in the segment. Finally, the Boomers make 18% of the spending.

“The trend for the not so young buying toys for themselves is a sign of our times,” said Frederique Tutt, global industry analyst, toys, NPD. “It’s now normal in Britain to see adults playing games on their smartphones in public, and that’s true whether the adult is dressed in a hoodie or a suit. Recently, we have experienced a revival in the market for board games as families look to spend quality time together the old-fashioned way. The trend for people aged 18 and upwards buying toys for themselves is possibly a reaction against the stresses of our fast-paced lives. Toys are fun – and when you are having fun any stress you might be feeling goes away. It makes perfect sense.”

As for brands, NPD points to LEGO and Star Wars which appeal the most to the adult fans of toys. This also results in an increase in popularity of collectable toys. So, the toy market can relax. There is not only interest from kids, but rising interest from adults, so there’s plenty of options.