Activision Blizzard, LEGO and Hasbro will make a toy line for Overwatch

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Activision Blizzard, LEGO and Hasbro will make a toy line for OverwatchActivision Blizzard has confirmed that it’s working with LEGO and Hasbro to create a master toy line for Overwatch. The popular Call of Duty franchise will also get lots of new toys with Nerf and even more companies, ToyNews reports.

Lots of the new toys will hit the stores this year. Blizzard has quite the plans going forward. One of the main goals is to have lots of licensing and retail partners.

All of them aim to create depth and longevity. Long story short, the company wants to create a lasting impression and to make sure the fans of the video games also become fans of their themed toys.

Hasbro has the master toy license for Overwatch. It already has big plans with lots of various toys, additional licenses with Nerf, games and more. Some of the Overwatch characters are perfect for stuffed animals, too. We hope there are such in the plans. LEGO also has big Overwatch plans. They feature several play sets at various price points.

The Call of Duty franchise will also get some toy love. The toys are coming in time for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with a new collectables line. Activision is also looking for even more toy partners to create a global reach.

“Since debuting at last year’s Licensing Expo, we have begun to successfully realize our vision of offering more value and more opportunities for our global licensing and retail partners by leveraging the blockbuster franchises that Activision and Blizzard have created and expanded over many years of dedicated development,” said Tim Kilpin, CEO and president, Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group.

“For our hundreds of millions of players around the world, we are working hard to build lasting global franchises that they can connect with across game platforms an through esports and vibrant transmedia story content”, he adds. So, it’s going to e quite interesting, for sure.