Hello and welcome to StuffedParty.com. This website is dedicated to the stuffed animals we love and collect. Almost all of us probably have fond memories of stuffed animals during our childhoods. And for a lot of people the little funny toys are somewhat part of their families.

Everyone has a plush toy in their homes. Now is the time to get them out of the toy chests and breathe them a new life. Here we can show them by giving them a short description – name, favorite place in the house, are they accompanying you during holidays, etc.

For some it is a hobby to collect them, for others they are family members and are attached to them like a loved one. It started in childhood and accompanies us throughout life and the classic teddy bears and their friends will remain after us. Тheir role in life is very important and we have to show them to each other.

For many people stuffed toys are a big stress reliever no matter their  age. When you’re sad the plush animals are there waiting to be hugged and make you feel better. When you’re happy, they are the first ones to be ready to have some fun.

Maybe you’re even making them special clothes? Socks and pullovers for the winter for example. You’re not the only one.

The site is focused on sharing the passion and hobby with other people. You can check the galleries, read some extra tips, comment on what you like (or don’t like) and spend some time browsing around. Don’t forget to check out our forum. There you can share you own collection, participate in our polls, share your memorie, adventures and tips. Anything that’s related to stuffed animals.

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