Abandoned stuffed animals now help kids in need

Abandoned stuffed animals now help kids in needWhile we wouldn’t ever abandon our stuffed animals, not everyone feels this way. A gracious woman has saved such lonely stuffies and gives them to kids in need.

Meet Linda Brosmer. She is working at the Jasper St. Vincent de Paul store. She had several big boxes filled with stuffed animals which needed new homes.

Instead of simply throwing them away, she decided to help others. So, she called her nephew, who is a Sergeant with the local police. So, Sgt. Philip Hensley told her he and his colleagues do give stuffed animals to children in need.

Teddy bears to the rescue

So, Linda said she has a whole bunch of stuffies ready to help. “I picked them up this morning,” Hensley said to the Dubois County Free Press. “The significant part to this is that it is the single largest donation of stuffed animals we have ever received. They completely filled my trunk and the back seat of my car.”

Hensley will give the stuffed animals to his colleagues. Everyone will keep a couple of toys in their cars, ready to give them to children. Recruits who are about to graduate will also receive from the stuffies.

“At crime scenes or crashes involving children, these toys provide a tremendous amount of comfort in what, to them, can be a very scary situation,” Hensley said. “I’ve personally done it and seen the effects. It is very satisfying to see a child relaxed and calm simply because you saved the day with a teddy bear.”

So, yes. Teddy bears to the rescue!