A woman has fixed over 30 000 stuffed animals and continues to do so

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A woman has fixed over 30 000 stuffed animals and continues to do soA woman in the US spends her time fixing stuffed animals all day. She has already saved more than 30 000 plush toys even for celebrities.

Sally Winey makes her living by┬ábeing a professional stuffed animals doctor. She saves stuffed animals all the time, even in cases when almost anyone will say that the toy simply can’t be fixed, WECT News 6 reports.

Sally uses her grandmother’s 1898 sewing machine, which may sound very old, but it gets the job done. Winey is famous for her skills to fix even the most damaged stuffed animals imaginable. “I just recently had a monkey whose whole body was gone and he had an ace bandage wrapped around him,” Winey says.

She receives stuffies for repairing from all over the world and has more than 30 years of experience. Even celebrities like Demi Moore have sent her their personal stuffed animals in need of help. Some Presidents of the United States have also used her services, but Winey doesn’t reveal who.

Winey says that while she helps toys and fixes them, the stuffed animals also help her. In April she found out she has breast cancer. “The whole time I was having chemo and radiation, I just kept working on bears as much as I could,” Winey said. “Some days I couldn’t, but I’d just sit there and it gave me the drive to make somebody else smile”, she adds.

Now she is doing well. She’s busy with the Christmas rush and hopes to finish fixing as much stuffed animals as possible sho she can get them back to their homes in time for the holidays. “I really am Santa’s helper,” Winey said. “I’m working everyday and I’m still getting calls asking ‘can you get this to me?’ and then I find out they’re in California and that’s hard, but I’m doing the best I can.”

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