A twerking stuffed lion angers mums

A twerking stuffed lion angers mumsKids can be quite frisky on long car journeys, especially toddlers. So, in order to help, Fisher-Price made the Roar ‘n Ride Lion which angered mums.

The Roar ‘n Ride Lion is an animated stuffed animal which you can attach to the car window with a suction pad. The cute looking toy then can twerk, dance and raves at the sound of a wrist rattle.

As you can imagine, the child should hold the rattle and thus she or he can entertain throughout the journey. According to Fisher-Price, the Roar ‘n Ride Lion helps the child develop gross motor skills.

The toy should also foster curiosity and creativity. The child should be quite interested to find how the toy responds to the different rattles. Lovely, right?

But, according to moms from The Motherload group, the Roar ‘n Ride Lion can and is quite annoying, The Sun reports. It turns out the kids love the toy way too much and thus the journey is one endless tale of rattles, twerking and roaring.

Some mums have a problem with the twerking motion, too. Others say the toy isn’t THAT loud, but still is very distracting for the rest of the passengers. And if you’re driving alone with the kid, you’d be constantly looking back to see what’s going on, which is a bit too distracting for driving. But, if you’re patient enough, the Roar ‘n Ride Lion might be just the travel companion you need.