A Teddy Bear Museum opens doors in Penang, Malaysia

A Teddy Bear Museum opens doors in Penang, MalaysiaTeddy bears have always had a worldwide popularity. As a result, it’s no surprise to hear about new teddy bear museums opening all over the glove. One of them is Teddyville Museum in Penang, Malaysia.

Teddyville Museum features quite the collection, Star2 reports. The museum is on the ground floor of the newly opened DoubleTree Resort by Hilton in Batu Ferringhi.

The collection has over 1000 teddy bears dating back to the 1900s – the very beginning of teddy bears. As you can imagine, it offers something for all ages.

Teddyville is over 836 sq.m. and has several exhibition areas in different themes. There also lots of teddy bears. Some are tiny, while others are as big as humans.

Of course, Teddyville is not only about bears. The exhibition explores the cultural history of Penang, too. So, you will see and learn about the history of both teddy bears and Penang.

The exhibit starts with a representation of Sir Francis Light setting foot on the island. Of course, in teddy bear form.

There’s also Mini Penang with miniature bears, costumes and many more. Visitors can even touch some of the bears and take photos with them. Many are made to represent iconic Penangites.

The museum works from 9am to 6pm and both locals and tourists should love it.