A teddy bear helps kids in their battles against cancer

A teddy bear helps kids in their battles against cancer
Erin Cross relapsed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March 2015 in her hometown of Chester, England. The family literally traveled to Seattle for the new cure. She is now in remission. | Image credit: Seattle Children’s

Teddy bears are among the all-time favorite toys. But they can and do a lot more than that. Meet T-Bear, a plush toy which helps kids against cancer.

T-Bear is a special teddy bear at the Seattle Children’s hospital. He wears a mask and a purple cape as a superhero.

Because he is a superhero to the children at the hospital who have been diagnosed with cancer. He is more than just a teddy bear to them, the MedicalXpress reports.

Teddy bear superhero

“Teddy bears are historically comforting to sick children. We wanted families to know we’re on their team and together we’re Strong Against Cancer”, says Catherine Lindgren. She is the director of the Therapeutic Cell Production Core. It was her idea to create T-Bear.

His name symbolizes the re-engineered T cells which researchers at the center use to recognize cancer cells. The improved T cells then also help destroying cancer cells no matter where they are in the body. T-Bear is the symbol of the new treatment. Also, he accompanies the researchers each time they hand deliver the therapy to a patient.

“It’s more than just delivering medicine to a sick child. Delivering the T cells to our patients and families is always the best part of our day. Our scientists are incredibly invested in our patients and in their battle against cancer. We wanted each family to know we care about them. They are superheroes to us, and their T cells are super heroes too”,┬ásaid Lindgren.

“Our hope is that the teddy bear will provide comfort while also acknowledging the tremendous milestone of receiving this groundbreaking therapy that could make a difference in their lives,” Lindgren said. “We also hope that the teddy bear will help connect patients to the generous community of donors who support them and their therapy through Strong Against Cancer.”