A teddy bear antique fair will be held in London

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A teddy bear antique fair will be held in LondonThe London International Antique Doll Teddy Bear and Toy Fair will take place in 2016 and it will showcase antique toys from the past 200 years, ToyNews reports.

The antique teddy bear fair will be held at the London Olympia. It is scheduled to begin on November 20th 2016 and it will be the first event in the UK for the past 15 years that is of this scale and is devoted entirely to vintage toys and antique teddy bears.

While teddy bears get the main attention in the media materials and announcements, we are pretty sure there will be lots of other classic stuffed animals displayed as well. Collections of rare antique dolls, stuffed animals and other toys are set to showcase their evolution over the past 200 years.

You will be able to see several generations worth of toys and childhoods. The show will also provide opportunity to seek and buy vintage toys, to talk to experts and consult with them about your toy collections and many more. There will also be toy dealers on hand.

The show will be held at the Pillar Hall and will be opened by BBC Antiques Roadshow host Bunny Campione who is a big fan of stuffed animals, dolls and dollhouses. The London International Antique Doll Teddy Bear and Toy Fair will last only for that one day, so make sure you take that into account if you are interested in going.

There will be entry tickets as well. Their price will be five pounds. “We are delighted to be bringing the first London International Antique Doll, Teddy Bear and toy fair to Olympia’s Pillar Hall. It’s a beautiful and enchanting space right in the middle of west London and couldn’t b better placed for the international visitors to reach as well as providing a charming antique setting for the exhibition”, say event organizers Daniel Agnew and Hilary Pauley.

The show if for sure to gather interested. We are already looking forward to it.