A spike of dust mites causes winter allergies – what to do with your stuffies

A spike of dust mites causes winter allergies - what to do with your stuffiesAre you sneezing quite a lot lately and you’re not sick? The problem might be dust mites. There’s a recent spike of them which can cause winter allergies.

According to MD Michael Steven Blaiss for Everyday Health, there is such thing like winter allergies. And most often they are triggered by dust mites.

Chances are you don’t even realize you have winter allergies. But yes, it’s a possibility, especially if you keep sneezing all the time and fell discomfort.

Dust mites are very small. So small you can’t see them with a naked eye. They don’t bite and generally are not that dangerous. In fact, they are somewhat good as they eat the discarded dead skin cells that fall of your body all the time.

So, dust mites are everywhere. 10% of the weight of a two year old pillow can actually be dead mites and their droppings. There can also be between 100 000 to 10 million mites inside a typical mattress.

So, if you seem to be sneezing, having nasal congestion, watery eyes and wheezing all the time, you might have an allergy to dust mites. It’s best to consult your doctor.

If your symptoms are not that strong, you may be able to combat the allergy with cleaning. Put the most effort in the cleaning of your bedroom. Dust mites love furry carpets, drapes, blinds, shades, and yes, stuffed animals. Give themĀ a good clean. Here are some specific ways to clean dust mites from stuffed animals. And also a few additional tips.

Also, clean your bedding once a week with hot water. If you can, keep the humidity in your room below 50% as mites can’t handle it. Vacuum the room at least once a week with a double-layer bag or HEPA filter.

Keep the clutter to a minimum. Put away most toys if they just gather dust all the time. This way there will be less places for the dust mites to crawl to. You can’t remove all dust mites. But with these tips you can lower their quantity enough to not be a problem anymore.