A special edition Royal Baby Teddy Bear becomes a sales hit

A special edition Royal Baby Teddy Bear becomes a sales hitThe Royal Family enjoys a lot of positive attention and this translates into big wins for many UK businesses, as well. Including for toy makers.

Merrythought of Shropshire maybe quite the name, but the company recently had a big win. It has a special Archie Harrison teddy bear which was sold out even before the release, RoyalCental.co.uk reports.

The white teddy bear is a limited edition with a silver satin bow and has the royal baby’s full name embroidered on the right paw. On the left paw there’s the birth date and the weight, along with a crown.

This teddy bear is definitely a must for collectors. And it seems many people thought so as they flooded the company’s website and crashed it from the huge interest.

In the end, the Archie Harrison teddy bears were sold out even before they went into production. That’s not surprising as there are only 250 bears in this limited edition. It costs 145 British pounds.

The company hasn’t said yet if it will make more since there’s very high demand. Part of the reason why limited editions are special is because they are limited. So, it’s not likely that this exact teddy bear will get a bigger production. But there’s always the possibility of another version. So far, there’s no comment from the company, but keep your eyes peeled just in case.