A simple Teddy Bear Hunt game conquers the globe amid the outbreak

A simple Teddy Bear Hunt game conquers the globe amid the outbreakWe’ve said it numerous times before that stuffed animals are great companions, especially during tough moments. Right now it’s a tough situation for everyone.

It can be scary for kids, so there’s an interesting new game that is conquering the US and more than a dozen other countries around the world. It’s a simple Teddy Bear Hunt game, INC reports.

Everyone can participate. All you have to do is place a teddy bear or another stuffed animal on one of your windows. That’s it. It will give kids in the area a fun activity to do to discover the stuffed animals around them.

The New York Times traces the idea to the 12-year-old Iowan named Tammy Buman who created a Facebook group with the idea. It already has more than 10 000 members from all over the world. “I think that it helps people get their mind off of what’s happening right now,” she told the New York Times.

Basically, if you have a window or a doorway which faces the street, place a teddy bear or a stuffed animal there. Kids walking by can “discover” them and add them to their tally. It’s a great way to keep them entertained and to take their minds of all the stressful news and happenings around the world.

If you have more than one stuffed animal, you can change them every few days to keep things interesting. It’s a simple, but a great way to bring a smile to someone during the day.