A new toy company aims to bring the evolution of stuffed animals

A new toy company aims to bring the evolution of stuffed animals
Image credit: Zephanile Creations

Stuffed animals are great in many ways. They are among the most popular toys for a reason. But according to a new company, they also need some evolution.

Z’jae Williams is the creator of Zephanile Creations. She contacted StuffedParty to tell us about her company and the project it’s working on for a few years now.

Williams was also kind enough to provide us with a sneak peek of the new design. And you can see a snippet of it above.

Here’s what she says about the company and the new plush toys it’s working on:

“We have completely re-imagined the one product that for over 115 years has served as a symbol of comfort and love to the entire world. In 1902 the teddy bear became an international sensation and catapulted a yearly multi-billion plush toy industry. People from all segments of society love stuffed animals.”

For over 115 years plush animals have used basically the same design methodology and construction process as in 1902. After a seven year development process the very first truly different concept in plush animals has finally arrived.”

Zephanile Creations has the support by the legal firm Hart David Carson LLP (Re: Jonathan Herpy) in Chicago. “They feel that we have a very strong and viable product unlike any plush ever.”

“We have a detailed business plan and are currently seeking $20k to go before private capital investors to secure funding for manufacturing/marketing and distribution in order to get this new type plush product to market. What I have developed is a revolutionary plush/toy product that is capable enough to capture the current global multi-billion dollar plush/toy market and place us first years ahead of the competition. Our initial products are the catalyst that will lead into the lucrative media/entertainment market.”, she adds.

It’s not without challenges

“We do have professional prototypes patterns and tech-pack. We also have a foot into the (important growing) lucrative LGBTQ financial arena. Being black and a member of the LBGTQ community has not afforded us a fair opportunity within the yearly $60 billion venture capital stream”

“We look at these two growing market segments as far too important to ignore. We have spent over $30 thousand dolls to develop this new plush type. The transcendence of Mitchtom’s and Steiff’s epic creation is here. Prepare to embrace the evolution of the plush animals. With your help we can get our product to the global market.”

If you want to hep out, you can reach out to Z’jae Williams at jzw1953 @ gmail.com or at 773-885-9966.

Disclaimer: Stuffedparty.com has no affiliations to Zephanile Creations. We are just providing news of a new company on the horizon.