A new teddy bear museum opens in Taiwan with 3000 stuffed animals

A new teddy bear museum opens in Taiwan with 3000 stuffed animalsIf you’re going to Taiwan, make sure to have the time to also go to Hsinchu County. There you will visit the new teddy bear museum with 3000 stuffed animals/

The One Bear Museum is situated in Guansi Township, the Taipei Times reports. It features a very interesting and thorough collection of classic teddy bears.

A private entity will own and run the museum. It has already secured some very interesting items for the exhibit.

Among them is one of the first 25 prototypes of Duffy the Disney Bear. It’s estimated to be worth US$250,000 to US$3 million in open auction, is among the collection’s most valuable, the museum said.

Another cool item is a black teddy bear from 1912. It’s made by Steiff and was a limited run which became associated with the sinking of Titanic. The auction house Christie’s has reportedly sold one for $4 million.

There are also some unique huge teddy bears. The biggest one is 3.5 meters high. There are also special bears made after popular people like Albert Einstein and others.

The exhibit features different themes showcasing different cultures of the world, different styles, ideas and many more. So, if you’re going to be in the area, make sure to visit the One Bear Museum. It’s shaping up to be as quite the experience.