A new company will try to make stuffed animals come to life

A new company will try to make stuffed animals come to life

As you can expect, Pokemon Go opened the doors for a lot more augmented reality games. The new company PowerCore.io wants to do that with stuffed animals.

Well, your stuffed animals won’t talk and walk in the physical world. The new company’s idea is to make you able to scan the toys and turn them into virtual characters for various games and virtual worlds.

It’s a technology which is already employed by the LEGO Dimensions video game, in a slightly different form. The LEGO Dimensions allows you to place minifigures on a special plate. Then you can add them to the video game via a code.

“Live” stuffed animals

PowerCore has a different idea. The toys will have to have NFC chips for now. In the future it will be able to use image recognition software so it will be able to scan virtually any toy.

This means that kids will be able to scan plush animal, action figures and other toys in order to add them to video games as characters. Another option would be to activate elements of the game, unlock new features and more, OZY reports.

PowerCore is adamant that the idea has ground and it will live past the Pokemon Go frenzy. They point out that LEGO, Disney, Marvel and Activision already have interactive toys or will have such in the near future.

The new company isn’t scared of the big corporate competition, though. PowerCore says they won’t be making the actual toys, but only the technology with which to digitize them. This will allow toy companies to focus making even more interesting toys and PowerCore to focus making even more technologies for them. Both worlds should win, the startup thinks. We hope so, but for now we will have to wait until they are ready. This should happen in the next few month.