A new company is making a Donald Trump inspired teddy bear

A new company is making a Donald Trump inspired teddy bearTeddy bears and US presidents seem to go hand in hand. Now Donald Trump can also say he has an inspired after him teddy bear. And it’s an unique one, as you can expect.

The plush Trumpy Bear is only sold online and it doesn’t have an official endorsement. Even so, that hasn’t stopped the Dallas company called Exceptional Products to make the stuffed animal.

Trumpy Bear is about 22 inches high. So, it’s a big bear, but it will seem smaller as it’s sitting.

It features the real Trump’s iconic white collar and red tie. The bear also has white cufflinks and sports Trump’s trademark hairstyle.

The toy also comes with a 30″x30″ US flag blanket. It can be stored in Trumpy thanks to a zippered pouch. The bear costs $39.90 and can be ordered with two payments on $19.95, plus shipping.

The company notes that there will be limited quantities of Trumpy ber but it doesn’t say how many. It does say that at some point Trumpy bear will either “sell out or hit retirement”.

Exceptional Products says Trumpy Bear is the “most fearless bear anywhere”. “Trumpy Bear can pop up anywhere, simply style his trademark hair, and place him in his favorite chair, even the toughest guys will love Trumpy Bear”, the company notes.

Trumpy Bear also comes with a certificate of authenticity. It seems the company is aiming to create a real collectible as years go by.