A million people watched Hamleys annual Christmas Toy Parade

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A million people watched Hamleys annual Christmas Toy ParadeUK toy retailer Hamleys gathered nearly a whopping million people to watch its annual Christmas Toy Parade. It all happened in central London this Sunday.

As little as 750 000 people watched the parade which included a cast of over 400 actors, dancers and musicians. Some of them were dressed as famous toys and movie characters.

Others drove toy vehicles while some were carrying famous toys. Toy sales are expected to reach £1.1bn in the UK this festive period as 400 million toys are predicted to be sold by Christmas Day, Metro reports.

This is the biggest toy parade in the world. Hamleys kicked it off with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Then there were new faces like LEGO Ningago Kai and The Clangers.

Each year the parade gets bigger. Naturally, this was the biggest ever. “We are delighted to have welcomed so many visitors to Regent Street today and it just shows that a good old-fashioned family day out is still what we all want for Christmas”, the company said.

Hamleys toy shop has been open since 1760 and has since expanded to have 89 branches across 23 countries. The company is ready for the big Christmas shopping spree. It expects a 15% rise of sales from 2015 which makes 2016 a great year for the entire toy industry.