A Michigan woman is making teddy bears out of retired police uniforms for kids

A Michigan woman is making teddy bears out of retired police uniforms for kidsEva Gray is the wife of a Michigan police officer. She wanted to help out kids dealing with traumatic situations. So, she makes teddy bears for them.

Eva wants to help out kids by bringing them a smile. “It just kinda popped in my head. “Well, why don’t we make teddy bears for children that need a little extra something special?”, she says to ABC7Chicago.

So, that’s exactly what she does. Eva uses parts from the whole uniform for the bears. Each part is correlated.

For example, Eva uses parts of the pants of the uniform for the bodies of the teddy bears. She uses the shirts for their coats, the buttons for eyes.

“I have been able to incorporate the signature lines from the police officer uniforms into the bears”, she adds.

Usually it takes her about two and a half hours to complete one teddy bear.

But Eva also has a system which helps her be even faster. “The last four that I did I made production line style where I’d do all the heads first parts of the bodies so I didn’t have to keep changing threads,” she said.

She then gives the ready teddy bears to the police officers. They keep them in their cars and give them to children involved in incidents or experiencing other problems.

“In times of critical incidents children become very upset and sometimes they can get the view that the police might be against them and we really wanna make sure that they know the police are there to help,” Lt. Artress said.