A lost teddy bear took a big tour of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport

A lost teddy bear took a big tour of the Detroit Metropolitan AirportIt’s a sad day when you lose your favorite stuffed animal. An 8-year-old girl lost her teddy bear at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, but it ended well.

Steven Laudeman, who works at the airport, found the left behind teddy bear. He decided to take it with him and give it a big tour over the airport, WHNT19 reports.

During that time the girl’s mother had called the airport lost and found, but to no avail. No one had reported or brought a missing teddy bear.

Laudeman found out via social media that the teddy bear has an owner who dearly misses her furry friend. He said he found the bear on top of a garbage can.

Instead of throwing it away though, he thought to take it with him. That’s exactly what saved the bear called Teddy.

Laudeman then took Teddy on a long day of work with him showing him the airport. Teddy got to sit in a plane’s cockpit, near the engines, in the stores with other stuffed animals and many more.

Laudeman shared the pictures on social media to let the owners of the teddy bear know the toy is in safe hands. Then they exchanged contacts and Teddy made it back home in time for Christmas. And now he has a great story to tell all of his friends.