A lesson from the past for the future

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Today’s training will be guided by the Monkey and will be very clear and accessible to all. In this story there will be no tears and wet noses, there will be no handkerchiefs full of sadness and nostalgia, you will not have to look at the night time in the ceiling and say to yourself “We were young”. I’ll make it clear right away that I’m not going to tear down my house to please you – I live in the jungle and it can’t be done. Also, I will not organize races with a predetermined ending. I am not given to wit and I am quite modest by nature. You didn’t understand anything, did you? Then keep reading.

According to some pundits, there are two car brands in the world, Mercedes and everyone else. Since I do not subscribe to this philosophy, I will show you our collection. You can see that there is a very large selection of brands and models.

The hobby could be an expensive pleasure, but as I like to say: “There is no price for pleasure”. Or you could opt for cheaper models and be on a budget.
Diecast scale models
Now imagine that it is 1930 and no one has any idea that one day the smartphone, the plasma TV and the smart watch will appear. The big box called a TV was a luxury and they were in two or three houses in the whole street and it showed images in two primary colors – black and white. To all this romance we add the fact that the candles on the cake and the tree were with real fire and not digital, the sound from the gramophone was warm and close to the street orchestra, and the artificial intelligence is in the realm of science fiction and at this point the Mercedes-Benz 770K appears, and thirty years later the Mercedes-Benz 600 luxury line.
Mercedes 770K diecast
I unfortunately only own them in 1:18, but that’s enough and model collectors will understand why I’m telling you all this. The answer is very simple. It’s a very exciting way to jump from era to era and enjoy all the distinctive features of the lifestyles of different historical times. These two models have a unique design, beautiful lines and precisely crafted details that give an inimitable style. The luxury is on another level, which also gives a great deal of comfort, and the absence of modern smart gadgets is more of a plus than a minus and gives rise to romantic notes. The chrome moldings and bumpers are inherent design solutions for that time and contribute to an original elegant style.
Mercedes 600 diecast
When you put on your HiFi system and feel its power and crystal sound, imagine how your grandparents used to have fun with that turntable with the funnel. When they had to travel or just show off in public, that’s when the cars came into play. These cars in different scale we will show you here. But our collecting passion is not limited to them. You will see a unique collection of plush toy planes and ships even as the Titanic is being built in our small shipyard. Would you also take a few tips on storing the models? Even at 1:18 scale, both models are impressive in size. Their length is as much as 34 cm, and if you have decided to own them, you must provide enough space in the “garage”.
Also take care and add supporting elements so that their weight is not subject to time and does not lead to unwanted deformations in the structure. Clean them with a soft cloth and very careful movements so as not to break some elements of the exterior and interior. The emblems are very finely crafted and won’t take much effort to damage. In any case do not use a vacuum cleaner, because there is a risk of permanently parting with parts of the model. Chemicals and abrasives are not a good option for these cars. In order not to become boring, I will stop here and before I say goodbye, I will tell you that the next lesson will be even more interesting and you will see many more models. You now know where to find me on social media.