A hotel in Seattle opens a Teddy Bear Suite for stuffed animals

A hotel in Seattle opens a Teddy Bear Suite for stuffed animalsThe Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Downtown Seattle opened its yearly Teddy Bear Suite. That’s an annual tradition for the hotel which will last until Christmas, the Seattle Times reports.

The Teddy Bear Suite is open to the public every day from 10 AM to 6 PM. Parents can bring their kids for photos and everyone can leave donations. All of the donations will go to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The Teddy Bear Suite is created by Kevin Bradford. There are several sections with rooms styled with teddy bears and stuffed animals.

The main look and feel of the Teddy Bear Suite is festive and for the holidays. There’re also free candy canes inside the suite. Out of safety reasons there’s no actual fire in the fireplace, but there’s a TV which shows a video of a fireplace.

The big bed is covered with lots of stuffed animals. Kids can get into the pile for photos or to play around a bit with the plushies.

And in one of the rooms there’s a special and ornate section of several teddy bears. They are under a very intricate arch out of branches, Christmas decorations and lights. Since the composition is very intricate, this section is roped-off. You can see it only from a distance and take pics of it.

There’s also a classic Christmas tree, a fireplace with socks on it and a donation box. If you want to spend some fun time with your kids and around stuffed animals and teddy bears, that’s the place to go.