A giant teddy bear from Amazon creates a big stir among thousands of people online

A giant teddy bear from Amazon creates a big stir among thousands of people onlineThis cute looking giant teddy bear has a secret that was well kept from its Amazon sales page. Now thousands of people are going crazy over it.

On the pic the bear looks huge and cute. But people who buy it claim they got a surprise when the bear JoyFay turned up with a disproportionate body and very, very long legs.

It pretty much looks like a human who is wearing a bear costume. Many people complained both in the reviews on Amazon and on Twitter.

The page describes the bear as 6.5 feet tall and weighing 18 lbs. “All Joyfay Teddy Bears receive the prestigious Pennsylvania stuffed toy certificate. They undergo vigorous safety testing, so you know there are NO harmful chemicals or safety hazards. We only provide the best of the best!”, the company writes.

In all fairness there is a picture of the bear standing up in the listing, showing clearly its long legs. So, it was either added later or people just didn’t see it and didn’t pay attention. Other reviewers say they got the bear as a gift and are “creeped out” by the body proportions.

Either way, you know that these days the Internet doesn’t need a lot to create a stir. So it did. While some complained, other found the more humorous side of the situation.

And so, one giant teddy bear created an even bigger event.