A giant teddy bear celebrates Valentine’s Day by giving hugs and flowers (video)

A giant teddy bear celebrates Valentine's Day by giving hugs and flowers (video)Valentine’s Day is here and people all over the world are celebrating love. Today is a special day for teddy bears, too. One of them shows us why.

YouTube user Stuart Edge uploaded a video of a special gesture. He shows us a video of a giant teddy bear who roams the streets and coffee shops and brings smiles to people.

The giant teddy bear gives out roses and smaller teddy bears. He also dances for people and gives them giant hugs.

Some people are a big scared by the whole thing at first, but then they see that the giant bear means them no harm and smile. The whole thing shows how little you need to make other people smile and feel a little bit better.

It’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, keep smiling!