A few extreme cases of Beanie Babies obsession

A few extreme cases of Beanie Babies obsession
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Dominique Godbout

Throughout the years Beanie Babies have kept their enormous following. To this day there are people obsessed with Beanie Babies. Some cases are extreme.

Emma Lord of Bustle tells a story from her teenagehood when she worked at a toy store. She noticed that the store had all kinds of stuffed animals, but not Beanie Babies. When she asked why “the store grew eerily quiet”.

Employees then told her that a year before Emma was hired, the store did carry Beanie Babies. When it was time for a new release, which was expected to be very popular, people lined up around the block just to get a chance at buying the toy. Sounds normal, right? Well, when actual fights broke out between the families even before the store had opened and cops had to come to restore order, the store owners had a second thought. It was then decided to never sell Beanie Babies there.

Naturally one store is not even a dent in the Beanie Babies craze. Having fights over a stuffed animal is is pretty crazy, but there are even more extreme cases of Beanie Babies obsession.

This video shows the story of an entire family that was so obsessed with Beanie Babies that they actually went bankrupt. They just couldn’t stop buying them and lost all of their money.

This old lady also has a big obsession with Beanie Babies. But in her case it is not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. He has all of hers stuffies categorized and inspects them with a magnifying glass to be sure they are in pristine condition.

Being obsessed with these toys can also produce good results. Like this short movie called The Beanie Baby Hunger Games.

Some famous people also keep collecting Beanie Babies. Although we would not say that former WWE perfomer Kelly Kelly has an extreme obsession with Beanie Babies, it is nice to know that everyone can be bit by the Beanie Baby bug.

There is a golden rule in life that says you have to keep everything within moderation. If you goo too far on either side, the results can be bad. So yes, keep collecting Beanie Babies if you want to, but just remember we are talking about toys and you shoudn’t lose your mind over them.

And finally, you should always be able too look on the funny side. Here’s what Beanie Babies maniacs look to outsiders.