A family sues the Hatchimals’ maker over problems with the toy

A family sues the Hatchimals' maker over problems with the toyWhat happened to the Hatchimals? They were THE toy during the Christmas shopping. Now they are getting lawsuits because people are not happy with them.

A family in California has filed a class-action lawsuit against Spin Master – the company that makes the Hatchimals. Jodie Hejduk of Bakersfield says the Hatchimal she got for her daughter never hatched.

This has been a common claim among fans of the toy. Before the holidays Spin Master even came out with a special message.

In it is said what to do in order to ensure the toy will hatch. Despite that, people still say there are a lot of the toys which simply don’t hatch.

The lawsuit claims there were a lot of unhatched toys and that Spin Master acknowledged that kids really do get emotionally invested in the surprise moment when the toy should hatch. Since there are cases where it never hatches, this leads to extreme disappointment for kids, the lawsuit says.

“I paid triple the price so I could get my 5 yr. old daughter what she wanted but when it was time to play with it the Hatchimal would not respond inside the egg. We watched every YouTube video we could for help, but to no avail … we had to open it ourselves,” one customer wrote on Amazon.com, according to the lawsuit, Yahoo Finance reports.

So far Spin Master hasn’t commented anywhere. Spin Master made an estimated $100 million in profits off the toy, attorney Ben Meiselas said in an interview for CourtHouseNews, but investigations indicate that its failure rate is exceptionally high.

Hejduk says Spin Master should have either recalled the toys to fix them or issue recalled. Since it hasn’t done either, the filed the lawsuit. The family wants the court to issue the recall and compensatory damages. Spin Master has said it will address the lawsuit soon.