A bit creepy yet adorable stuffed animal holds the ashes of your pet

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Creepy yet adorable stuffed animal holds the ashes of your pet
Image credit: Heavenly Pals

The dog really is man’s best friend and anyone who has owned one can verify that. When a dog passes away this is very sad. This is where Heavenly Pals come.

This is a new project that currently seeks supporters on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. “Heavenly Pals, the lovable, huggable reminder of your best friend”, states the official project.

These cute stuffed dogs can hold the ashes of your actual dog when it passes away. “When my own childhood dog passed away, a friend gave my mother a plush dog that resembled him. I saw how tremendously it helped her through the grieving process, giving her something to direct her emotions toward, and from there the idea for Heavenly Pals was born.I decided to create something that was whimsical, rather than realistic or somber, so that it would serve as a pleasant reminder of the joy and happiness our pets have brought to our lives”, writes Jeff Pearce, who is the founder of Heavenly Pals.

Pearce is adamant that his Heavenly Pals stuffed dogs will be made up to the highest quality standards. This is why the plushies will be expensive – $100 dollars for the smaller breeds and $125 dollars for the bigger breeds of dogs. During the funding campaign though they can be pre-ordered for $50 and $60 dollars.

“Even though a Heavenly Pal is not a toy, it looks like one, and children may gravitate toward it. For my own peace of mind I installed an YKK Keylock slider. Once it’s locked and the key is removed the pet’s remains are safe from children or anyone with prying eyes. There is even a lap of fabric that conceals the zipper opening”, says Pearce.

The dog’s ashes will be kept safe inside within a sealed bag, that Pearce calls The Inner Bladder. It and the stuffed dog are designed to hold the average weight and to withstand hugging.

At the moment there are a total of ten breeds Heavenly Pals offers as stuffed dogs. They have been chosen according to the AKC as the 10 most popular breeds. If the project and funding is successful there are plans to continue with making other breeds, too. Eventually the project will expand to cats.

You can find all of the details and pictures of each Heavenly Pals stuffed dog at the Indiegogo campaign page. From it you can also pre-order or help spread the word. The project is for sure interesting albeit on a touchy subject.