90s toys are coming back and other toy trends for 2019

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90s toys are coming back and other toy trends for 2019We already know this year is going to be quite interesting when it comes to toys. There will be plenty of big movies to thank them for that, but there’s even more.

The toy market needs to reboot and reignite the interest of fans. So, there will be some interesting toy trends in 2019, The Independent reports.

One of the major toy trends in 2019 is going to be the continuous comeback of 90s toys. Mattel for example announced the return of Polly Pocket. The original Tamagaotchi is also already back, along with the UNO cards. There will also be a DOS spin-off of UNO.

Slime will also continue to be an interesting topic for toy makers. This time with a twist. The Breakout Beasts are taking several top trends into one. They come as a closed, surprise egg. Open them up and there’s slime for you, along with a surprise action figure of a dragon or other scary beast.

Augmented Reality (AR) will also continue to make (small) waves. New AR toys and games will start to develop even more features and will attract more players.

Another interesting toy trend will be fitness toys. Basically various toys which motivate and inspire physical activity. Toys like a balance board, spinning discs and more. All of them will motivate kids to enjoy some physical activity and hone their motor skills and coordination.