8-year-old girl makes a difference with stuffed animals

8-year-old girl makes a difference with stuffed animalsAn 8-year-old girl is making a difference for other young kids. She gathers and donates stuffed animals to abused and neglected children, to help them out.

Mariska Robinson is from Lauren Run. She has two favorite stuffed animals which she plays with and snuggles with.

And she wants to bring similar joy to other kids. Especially kids who are in need, CitizensVoice reports.

Mariska found out about Luzerne County Child Advocacy Center. It helps abused and neglected children. “I wanted them to have a friend when they are scared, so they can cuddle with it”, Mariska said.

Mariska is also a girl scout in the Brownie Juliette. Mariska earned her Teddy Bear Drive badge because of the project. It started during the fall of 2016 and she collected over 500 stuffed animals.

“Before leaving our center, each child gets to visit our donation room and pick something to take with them for being so brave to share the details of their abuse with us,” Shannon Peduto, executive director of Luzerne County Child Advocacy Center.

“Each child is elated to learn that they may choose an item to take with them. Here at the Luzerne County Child Advocacy Center, we celebrate the courage that each child has to disclose abuse. That one comfort item that they are provided at the end of their visit validates that courage,” Peduto said.

As for Mariska, she wants to continue to help her community. Last year she also collected about 200 pairs of eyeglasses for charity. She now thinks about her next community project.

Her ultimate goal is to become astronaut, paleontologist, meteorologist, teacher and police officer in that order. Note: “and”, not “or”. So she has a lot of work to do. And actually she does it by studying a lot and her favorite stuffed animals are always by her side.