7-year-old girl makes a great, heartwarming birthday wish

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7-year-old girl makes a great, heartwarming birthday wish

7-year-old Ryan Scroggin made a great birthday wish to donate stuffed animals to children in need at the local hospital. She saw hundreds of people respond and make her wish a reality.

Ryan has a rare bone and joint disorder so she knows first hand what it is like to be in the hospital. Her uncle actually was the one who posted Ryan’s wish on Facebook. From there the community in Oklahoma City got together and made it happen, KFOR reports.

“Her uncle was the one who posted it, saying Ryan is turning 7 and she wants people to give stuffed animals to the children hospital instead of getting gifts for herself, and it just exploded from there. I know what its like to be a child with a birth defect, to always have the spotlight on you, and for this girl to want the spotlight off her on her birthday really hit home for me,” one of the participants says.

So over the past weekend a total of about 60 jeeps came to the Children’s Hospital. All of them were carrying bags filled with various stuffed animals from donations.

“We are just excited to be able to take this project and be able to affect some patients upstairs who might need a little uplift right now”, a hospital worker says. There were hundreds of stuffies coming in. So many that the hospital didn’t even have enough room to store them all. Of course in the end some space was found and all of the stuffed animals will get to find their new owners and bring a smile to them. In total, the stuffies were over 1000 if not more.

Hospital official say toy donations are typically very low this time of year. Ryan’s wish and the help of the community were of big help and remind that we should remember others during the entire year and not only around holidays.

“It’s a selfless act from a 7-year-old that reminds us that we all should be selfless as giving as little Ryan,” the man said.

You can see the heartwarming TV report from KFOR right here: