43% of US adults still cuddle with at least one stuffed animal around

43% of US adults still keep at least one stuffed animal aroundWe’ve always said almost everyone loves stuffed animals. Most people just don’t want to admit it, because they fell it’s too childish. It’s not. Actually, about 43% of US adults still keep around at least one stuffed animal, FOX News reports.

The data comes from a LifeStorage-commissioned study by OnePoll of 2000 people. It found that 43% still interact with a cuddle or something with a favorite stuffed animal.

And the study breaks down another myth. Men are more likely to keep a stuffed animal from their childhood around. The study reveals that about 84% of men keep at least one stuffed animal, compared to 77% of women.

When broken down by age, the data is also interesting. It shows that 30% of people aged 35-44 and 30% of people ages 45-54 say they still play with at least two or three stuffed animals from time to time. Three in four Millennials say they do the same.

The study reveals that people are very sentimental. 76% of respondents say they are sentimental. 66% say they keep sentimental items for themselves. 53% keep a stuffed animal from childhood.

A total of 29% of people say they keep their sentimental items in a special drawer. 39% say they prefer to display these items throughout their home. 62% of Americans say they don’t feel like they live in clutter because they hold on to sentimental items.

In fact, 84% of women and 75% of men say they keep items they don’t use for emotional reasons. Only one in 10 people say they clear out their homes of all unused sentimental items. 33% say they have never even thought of doing that.

Most people try to find a balance. They store away most sentimental items, but also they display the ones that are most important to them. People mostly don’t view these important items as clutter while outsiders may seem to think they are clutter.

So, next time you visit a friend and their house is full with various items, maybe they are just very sentimental and not living in clutter. And give those stuffed animals some hugs while you are at it. You know you want to.