4-year-old boy from Dallas was reunited with his lost Teddy Bear

4-year-old boy from Dallas was reunited with his lost Teddy BearKids lose stuff all the time. When they lose their favorite stuffed animal is usually the time to be properly sad. Until the stuffie makes its way back.

A 4-year-old boy from North Texas lost his favorite stuffed animal more than a week ago at the Dallas Love Field. Luke Swofford named his favorite toy Teddy Bear and lost it at the airport.

Luke and some relatives flew home to Texas after a visit to Colorado. Luke host Teddy Bear outside baggage claim after he forgot it on a bench.

To make matters worse, Luke quickly remembered, but when he and his family returned to the bench, Teddy Bear was gone. Needless to say, he was quite sad. That all happened on July 20th.

The family notified the airport who started a search. They even took to Twitter to ask for assistance.

Finally, about 6 days later, an airport security guard found Teddy Bear. He used the surveillance video to find the plushie. It turned out someone had taken Teddy Bear to a break room at the airport. The guard went and brought Teddy Bear to the Lost & Found office at the airport and notified Luke’s parrents.

Needless to say, Luke didn’t wait a lot and quickly reunited with his best friend.