12 signs you’re a great stuffed animals owner

12 signs you're a great stuffed animals ownerOwning stuffed animals is not all fun and games. You have to put in some effort too. There are some tell-tale signs that you’re a good stuffed animals owner.

Good stuffed animals owners take care of their stuffies. We know you do too. But maybe you want to be a really great stuffed animal owner. Here are the sings that would make anyone say you’re one.

1. You name all of your stuffed animals.

2. You have given them different personalities and you act according to them.

3. You have bought them or have made them accessories like hats, clothes, small toys and so on.

4. You have a special place for them to sleep and live.

5. Even better, you have made them a room or a house.

6. You take good care of your stuffies. You clean them and fix them up if they have a tear or some other damage.

7. You take some of them on trips and vacations with you.

8. You cuddle with your stuffies often.

9. You feel connected to your stuffies and have a bond with them.

10. You have birthdays for them.

11. You include stuffies in holiday celebrations.

12. Have held or wen to at least one teddy bear picnic.

Which numbers relate to you? If you’re doing more than half of the stuff, then you’re a great stuffed animals owner. If you don’t, you’re a great one, but you’ll need to give your stuffies some more attention :)