10-year-old boy collects hundreds of stuffed animals for the police

10-year-old boy collects hundreds of stuffed animals for the police

If you want to see a great example of a big heart, often you can look at young kids. A 10-year-old boy in Parker, CO is this great example.

Daniel Velasquez is collecting hundreds of stuffed animals which he then donates to the local police. He wants the policemen to always have a teddy bear in their cars to give to kids.

Daniel was 4-years-old when he and his mother were sent into a hospital after a car accident, ABC10 reports. “We were T-boned by a plumbing truck,” Mrs. Velasquez said. “It was a really difficult time for him. He didn’t want to get in the car afterwards and he didn’t want to go anywhere.”

But then police officer Casey Cashman changed everything. He went to the hospital to check on Daniel and his mother and gave Daniel a teddy bear. This small gesture had a tremendous effect on Daniel. The teddy bear helped him get back on his feet and return to life with a smile.

Sadly, it turned out the officer gave Daniel the last teddy bear the department had. “It made me feel inspired. It felt like I didn’t need it as much as other kids did”, Daniel said.

So, he decided to help out. Ever since then he has spend a lot of time and effort gathering teddy bears and stuffed animals for the Parker Police Department. And he gets better and better. In 2015 he collected around 40 teddy bears. Last year up until now he has more than 700.

Daniel found the key to success. He goes to local schools and presents his idea to the classes there. The more people know, the more teddy bears make their way to the officers and then to kids in traumatic situations.

The police officers also feel inspired thanks to Daniel’s efforts. They feel even more motivated on their jobs, after seeing the effect it has on others and kids in particular.

As for Daniel, he now has so many teddy bears that this year he plans to branch out. He will be donating stuffed animals to local fire departments and hospitals, too.