10 tips for summer trips with kids

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10 tips for summer trips with kids

Summer is upon us and trips with children are getting closer by the day. Here are a few tips for summer trips with kids so you don’t go crazy in the process.

You know the basics – have enough room for all the toys, stuffed animals and gadgets. Then fight over which toys get to actually stay. Then negotiate which gadgets are actually needed and so on. But what else can you do to ease the ordeal?

10 tips for summer trips with kids

First, think ahead. How long will the trip be? What will be the main activities? If you can’t pack enough clothes, pack some laundry soap to have something to clean some of the clothes. Apply this tip to other details about the trip.

Second, make a list of everything you will need before you start packing. Use the list to decide whether you really do need all of this stuff. It will also help you not to forget lat minute things like medicine, documents and so on.

Third, involve the child into the packing process. Let him or her bring you the items or place some of them in the bags. This will keep them engaged and interested instead of having to deal with them running around the house while you try to pack.

Next, depending on the age of the child, take bedtime stories books. You can also load some of them on your mobile device to save space.

Now, think ahead again. What you will do though each day of the trip? Check the luggage again. You will find stuff that you don’t need and stuff you do need to add.

Sixth, if you have any doubts or questions, call the hotel before you leave. Ask what stuff they can provide so you can spare carrying it in your luggage all the way.

Take stuff for the children to do while you travel. Small toys, travel games, stuffed animals and a tablet or a smartphone would be a good selection of things to choose from. If you ask the kids, they will want them all, but you know what they actually would play with, so bring just those things.

Don’t forget medicine. A few of the basics during the trip. Granted, more of the stuff would be readily available everywhere, but still have some just in case.

If your kids can sleep in the car, plan the trip around their nap time. This will be great for everyone. If they get too excited before travelling, plan the trip an hour or two before their nap time, so by the time they get relaxed and a bit bored (perfect setting to go to sleep), they will be in the car and the first part of the journey should have passed.

Trip time! Load up the car and the kids,and do a final check. Do not forget the stuffed animals, too! Stop by the store to get some snacks and drinks. Get wet wipes too, to keep things clean and a bag for the trash.