10 signs you love stuffed animals

Ten signs you love stuffed animalsDo you love stuffed animals is a question that has almost a certain positive answer if you’re reading this. But just how much do you love stuffed animals? Probably more than you realize.

Sometimes you can get carried away with this great hobby. This is not that bad. After all it is a great hobby. The folks over at BuzzFeed also think so. They have pulled together a list of 15 signs you are a stuffed animal hoarder. We have trimmed a little and refocused it on the signs that you love stuffed animals, maybe even a little bit too much.

The sings that show you love stuffed animals

1. You keep stuffies from your childhood. Admit it we all do. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to maintain them from time to time.

2. You belive they have souls and their own characters. Thus you treat them slightly differently and feel like you’re communicating with them even if you don’t really speak to them (that often).

3. You never ever even think of hurting them. Quite the opposite. You groom and clean them and keep them in the best way possible.

4. Each of your stuffed animals have their own name and a special place.You have a favorite one too, but you love them al.

5. You cant tell how many they are or you can’t remember all of their names off the top of your head. They are just too many.

6. Your collection has different categories. You try to have at least one stuffed animal of each species and/or you categorize them by size, years, memories adn etc.

7. Another sure sign you love stuffed animals a lot is that you often buy them as a gift for others. Of course you also feel very happy when someone else gets you one as a gift.

8. You continue to buy stuffed toys even if you don’t really have the space to put them all. When was the last time you saw how your bed really looked like when there’s no stuffed friends covering it all?

9. No matter how much you try, you can’t see your everyday life without being surrounded by stuffed animals. Nor you can decide which ones to keep on the more visible places in your home as you feel it’s unfair towards the rest.

10. But in the end, you are proud of your stuffed toys collection. You love stuffed animals and you want

How many of the signs did you check for yourself? What else we’ve missed? Join the discussion here or via our forums.