10 reasons to sleep with stuffed animals

Top 10 reasons to stil sleep with stuffed animals
Flickr (CC) / Jessica Florence

Do you still sleep with stuffed animals by your side? No? Why not? At least that is what we are wondering, because there are plenty of reasons why you should.

If you’re embaraced, don’t be. Let’s remind you that most people actually bring stuffed animals with them when they travel. And most of them are adults, so you’re not too old either. There are many reasons why you should sleep with stuffed animals. Here are our top 10.


The top 10 reasons to sleep with stuffed animals by your side

The teddy bear or your stuffie of choice will always be your friend. He or she knows you best and you can relax with his/hers company.

You can share your secrets with your teddy and he will keep them safe.

Stuffies will give you a sense of security and protection. They are scientifically proven to help with depression.

Your stuffed animal will never say “no” to hugs and cuddling.

Stuffies do not snore, nor do they pull the blanket during the night.

They will also not push you to the side of the bed.

The whole point of stuffed animals is to be loved and spread love and warm feelings. So leaving them to the side and not sleeping with them can make them very sad.

You will always wake up next to a smiling face.

You can have a familiar face keeping you company anywhere you go.

Don’t forget that studies that say a given percentage of people still do sleep with stuffed animals are based on those who confess. So the real number is higher.

Still not convinced you should not feel weird because you want to sleep with stuffed animals by your side? Don’t be. People are social creatures and like the sensation of touch and need to take care of somebody or something. Having a stuffed animal for a friend is a great way to improve yourself.

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