10 patterns of soft toys to sew yourself

10 patterns of soft toys to sewA great way to expand the hobby is to start creating your own stuffies. We have selected ten great patterns for soft toys to sew yourself.

Before you start sewing stuffed toys, lets remind ourselves a few things. First be careful with the needle and thread while sewing. It is really easy to poke yourself so take your time and don’t rush it. Plus this will help you make even better stuffies.

The desings we found are available through Pinterest and other sites. You can visit them to get the detailed instructions for the soft toys to sew them properly. Also keep in mind that you will need additional items like buttons and so on for eyes, noses and other accessories. You can add them as you see fit.

Also, you can take a look at these tips. Or these. And these.

10 patterns of soft toys to sew

First up we have Bambi. Well, not exactly Bambi, but very close enough.

Or maybe you like chipmunks. Well, here’s a very cute one for you to sew.

Also, here’s a very cute puppy.

Polar bears are also a must in any stuffed animal collection. Here is a whole family.

And here is a cute little bunny.

The internet is full of cat pictures. Well here are some more but this time in the form of soft toys to sew.

Now lets go for something more exotic. Like a kangoroo for example.

Or something mythical. Like a red dragon. Well he might be another color. It all depends on your preferences.

Baby foxes are also very cute. This one is even relatively easy to sew together.

And our last suggestion in the 10 soft toys to sew yourself is a small ferret. Cute and relatively easy to make, it is a must for your collection.

These are our suggestions for soft toys to sew. Did you make some? Or maybe you have other cool suggestions? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.