10 lessons we learned from stuffed animals


10 lessons we learned from stuffed animalsBelieve it or not, stuffed animals teach you a lot of things. Most of the time you don’t even realize this is happening. But it is and it is helping you shape up as the person you are today. There are some valuable lessons we learned from stuffed animals and we wish to share them.

Actually there are a lot of leesons we learned from stuffed animals. But we decided to shape them into an easy-read form. Then we trimmed them up a bit and we were left with our top 10 lessons. Probably you’ve learned them too thanks to your plush friends. Don’t be surprised if that’s the case.

The top 10 lesson we learned from stuffed animals

We won’t value the importance level of each lesson, because they are all equally important in their own way and situation. This is just the list of them.

We learned to love real animals. This is actually very important as it teaches you you’re not alone on this planet. We share it with all of the animals and plants and every other thing here, so we should live together and not like we’re alone here.

We learned to take care of animals and pets. Now a plush animal may not require all that much effort in taking care of, but it is a very nice way to show you the importance of it. You want your favorite stuffie to feel good so you take care of it. As you do with real animals.

They helped us develop our creativity. Think about those countless hours you’ve spent playing with your plushies. Every game, every new scenario you thought of, they were all developing your mind and your creativity. If you growup to work a job that requires creativity and you’re good at it, your stuffed animals have a lot to do with that.

They helped develop communications skills though play. It is very common for children to use stuffed animals as a way to communicate. Sometimes they feel it is easier to share things that bother them through the proxy of their stuffed animal. If the parents react warm and caring, this will teach the child it’s OK to share whatever is bothering him or her themselves.

They made us learn a lot about real animals and nature. Children are naturally curious. So it was no wonder that as kids we wanted to know all about the little funny looking friends that were surrounding us. We all learned a lot, didn’t we?

They helped us learn and explore our feelings and how to express them better. This is also similar to the lesson we learned from stuffed animals about how to communicate. But stuffies are usually one of the first things a child develops a sense of attatchment to, apart from his or hers partens of course. Stuffies are also the one thing that never leaves the child, not even for a second. So the toys do help a lot with finding out emotions, learning to deal with them. Most of this happens without anyone actually realizing it.

They helped learn seemingly basic things like counting, the names of the colors and so on, through play. This again happens through play. Slowly but surely the child figures out the difference between “one” and “two”. Most stuffies are also in various colors so sooner rather than later the parents could hear “mommy, I want the yellow bear” as they walk through the store.

They helped us learn values and keep them. Like what friendship is. Almost all kids have imaginary friends. More often than not at some point a stuffed animal takes that role. And what do kids do with their favorite stuffie? They take them everywhere, they treat it as an equal, they play and tell them stories. Just like real friends.

They made us learn basic household items and ways to maintain stuff and clean it. When your stuffie as a problem, like a tear somewhere, you fix it. Or you ask your parents to do it. The parent should fix it but as the child to stay and watch so that he or she can learn. When you like your stuffies too much, you want to keep them in good contidion longer. So you store them better, you take good care of them. You learn to keep them clean. These skills are vital for adult life.

They taught us to appreciate the litle things in life. If you really like stuffed animals, you like them all. So it doesn’t matter if you get one giant stuffie as a birthday gift, or a loved one gives you a small plush animal just because. You are equally thrilled, maybe even more thrilled from the smaller gift. Or you just bought a stuffie in the store because you really liked it.

Well those are some of the most important lessons we learned from stuffed animals. What have you learned from your stuffies? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.