Illinois’ Attorney General released her annual Safe Shopping Guide and dangerous toys list

Illinois’ own Attorney General Lisa Madigan released her annual Safe Shopping Guide. In it she also features a list of the dangerous toys. Madigan has made the list for 10 years now. She wanst to help families plan accordingly and … Continued

Two women open a teddy bear museum to help save cats

As we’ve said before, stuffed animals and teddy bears always love to help out. Now they are helping two women save real cats with a teddy bear museum. Two women from Waynesville have opened a teddy bear museum as a … Continued

Hamleys’ Christmas Toy Parade gathered 800 000 people in London

Hamleys once again held a yearly Christmas Toy Parade in London. This year Regent Street gathered more than 800 000 people to watch the event. It was once again the largest single gathering of toy characters in the world. And … Continued

The Hatchimals and Feisty Pets land on Forbes’ Hottest Toys on Ebay list

The Hatchimals and Feisty Pets are about to have a good holiday season. Both toys have landed on yet another list among the top hottest offers. This list comes from none other than Forbes. They have published their list for … Continued

Beware of dangerous toys and stuffed animals during your holiday shopping

The holiday shopping is beginning and experts are advising parents to be careful. Potentially dangerous toys and stuffed animals can slip through the stores. It’s easy to overlook obvious things during the shopping frenzy. So, you have to stay sharp … Continued

Animoodle are new plushies for the creative minds

Need stuffed animals that spark creativity and fun? The new Animoodles are a special approach on this by allowing you to interchange their parts. The Animoodles are a new collection of stuffed animals which come from veterans from Disney, Apple … Continued

Lexa Bear wants to be your new talking and interactive teddy bear companion

A new US company called Wetwire Robotics has created the talking teddy bear of the future. Lexa Bear can sync with popular digital assistants like Alexa. Lexa Bear is a cute looking classic teddy bear. At first sight. It was … Continued