10-year-old boy collects hundreds of stuffed animals for the police

If you want to see a great example of a big heart, often you can look at young kids. A 10-year-old boy in Parker, CO is this great example. Daniel Velasquez is collecting hundreds of stuffed animals which he then … Continued

2016 was one of the best years for the toy industry ever

2016 was one of the best years for the toy industry ever. According to new data from NPD, the US toy market alone rose by 5% to a total of $20.4 billion. What does this mean for the regular folk? … Continued

Sambro launches new Sesame Street plush animals and puppets

The 2017 Toy Fair is kicking off in high gear. Sambro launched a new line of Sesame Street plush animals and hand puppets. The range will be for Europe. The Toy Fair is currently underway in the UK. Sambro has … Continued

A family sues the Hatchimals’ maker over problems with the toy

What happened to the Hatchimals? They were THE toy during the Christmas shopping. Now they are getting lawsuits because people are not happy with them. A family in California has filed a class-action lawsuit against Spin Master – the company … Continued

The Stockton Heat held the first Teddy Bear Toss of the year

The Stockton Heat hockey team held the first Teddy Bear Toss event of the year. Or maybe one of the last this hockey season. Either way, it was great to see. A total of 8502 fans were at Stockton Arena … Continued

Ed Sheeran reveals he has an extensive collection of teddy bears

Musician Ed Sheeran revealed he has an extensive collection of teddy bears. They are so many, they fill an entire room in his house. Sheeran, who is 25, was a guest on Graham Norton’s show. There he said he still … Continued

Golden Bear’s Bush Baby plush toys get their own web series

Golden Bear announced yet another project for its toy line Bush Baby. The plush toys will star in their own animated web series. Brands with Influence will produce the new web series. It has tapped some big names to work … Continued

New Pikachu stuffed animal comes in a ketchup bottle

Pikachu is back in another stuffed animal form. This one is among the most unusual ever. The cute toy comes in a ketchup bottle. Yes, that’s right. This Pikachu stuffed animal is a limited edition. Of course he is not … Continued

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