Happy Teddy Bear Day with cool facts about the favorite stuffed animal

February 10th is Teddy Day aka Teddy Bear Day. It’s part of Valentine’s Week and it’s meant to give teddy bears to your loved ones. The bears are a symbol. A symbol of softness in a relation. As you know … Continued

Cork Airport looks for the owner of this cute teddy bear

Kids often leave their favorite stuffed animals behind at airports. Luckily Cork Airport employees found this cute teddy bear and now look for its owner. Often lost teddy bears and stuffed animals are not found by employees at airports. And … Continued

The Teddy Bear Hospital in Dorset, UK is overflowing with work

The Teddy Bear Hospital in Dorset, UK is having such a high demand it can’t cope. Alice’s Bear Shop shows people do really care about their stuffed animals. The shop is the place to go if your stuffed animals need … Continued

Blog: Yay or nay on stuffed animals for Valentine’s Day

Stuffed animals remain one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. They go along with chocolates, wine and flowers. But some people hate it. Believe it or not, there are quite a few such people. They either don’t like … Continued

How to make a crochet stuffed lion

Here’s another cute little stuffed animal you can create yourself. It’s a small amigurumi style crochet stuffed lion. Small enough to be everywhere with you. Amigurumi is a Japanese style of crocheting which features making really small objects, yet well … Continued

Disney readies a slew of toys for the already record breaking upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie

Disney has a huge movie hit on its hands and its already ready for it. The company prepares a lot of new toys and stuffed animals for Beauty and the Beast. The movie will debut in March 2017. It’s a … Continued

Build-a-Bear unveils new Beauty and the Beast stuffed animals

Build-a-Bear expands its line of stuffed animals with new additions from Disney. They are the new Beauty and the Beast special teddy bears. Beauty and the Beast will be one of Disney’s big movies this year. The company will release … Continued

8-year-old girl makes a difference with stuffed animals

An 8-year-old girl is making a difference for other young kids. She gathers and donates stuffed animals to abused and neglected children, to help them out. Mariska Robinson is from Lauren Run. She has two favorite stuffed animals which she plays … Continued

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