Jackie Chan came to the Oscars red carpet with teddy bears

You can add Jackie Chan to the list of famous people who like stuffed animals. He came to the Oscars red carpet carrying two teddy bears. Usually the red carpet is the time of the Oscars Ceremony where everyone gets … Continued

Funko will put even more effort into its stuffed animals

Funko is famous with its line of POP vinyl action figures. The toy company though has a line of stuffed animals which will get more attention this year. According to TechnoBuffalo, Funko has put a lot of effort in its … Continued

Five cute stuffed animals dressed as superheroes

Superheroes are a hot topic for the movie industry for quite some time now. This reflects on the toy industry as well with many themed stuffed animals, too. Over the years there have been many themed toys and stuffed animals … Continued

Happy Teddy Bear Day with cool facts about the favorite stuffed animal

February 10th is Teddy Day aka Teddy Bear Day. It’s part of Valentine’s Week and it’s meant to give teddy bears to your loved ones. The bears are a symbol. A symbol of softness in a relation. As you know … Continued

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